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Default I may have just blown it!

Well, I think I may have just blew my chance at not having tag soup for the winter feast[:'(].

I have a little clearcut near my house that I can get in an hour or two of hunting after work. I've hit it for 5 or six days so far, real brushy, it's not really a clear cut anymore but thick dog hair. But the bucks in there get BIG. Well I walk in about a mile to an area where about three big boys are really gettin' after it , on last Friday I walked through the thickest spot only to hear something biggie not a chance of seeing it in there anyway. So last night I roll in there, but the wind is wrong in that one spot, so as I wlak by I smell a deer(wish He'd step on the road) I wish. walk a little farther and I can smell three different ones, so I hunt til dark but nothing will come to the open.
So now comes tonight, I get a little later start and it takes about a half hour to get to my spot. I'm walking fast but not bad, I come to that spot, got the wind in my favor and a good dose of deer pee on my legs, so I try a few grunts, and bleats so as if a deer hears me walking maybe he'll buy that I'm one of them. So I storll on peering through any and all openings amongst the brush, I look to my left through an group of small alders....THERE HE WAS.... standing broadside about 15 yards away. In no hurry either, well I had taken my M/L with me due to the fact, you won't get more than one shot and no scope is easier in this stuff, Plus I'm itchin to bag something with it,well back to the shot[&:] 15 yards and through these limbs, so in order to not hit branch and veer off I gotta take a back bone shot, 15 yards...did I mention that? Poof right over his back, and seemingly He knew it was a M/L because he slowly sauntered off while I'm reloading[]
Anyone ever tell you how hard it is to load a M/L under Buck fever conditions? Man well checked for a hit and found nothing, so hopefully now that the rut is on I can get him to pop out again. Nice buck too I figured him to be between 100-120 B/C. That's pretty good sized for a Blackie. Man Igot to work most of the day tomorrow but you can bet I'll be out there tomorrow afternoon...and with a Win Mod 70 7MM this time
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