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Default Rate of twist and length.....

I am buying a .223 and having it rebarreled to either a 17 Rem, 17 Mach IV, or 221 Fireball. I will be ordering a barrel. I would like the gun to be a great fur gun. In other words, I can shoot fox and coyotes and not have a huge exit wound. I will be using a light bullet, from either 25-42 grains, no bigger. I need some suggestions on the how long the barrel should be, I can get it as long as 27", and what rate of twist to get. The company is offering 1:9 twist only for the 17's and 8, 12, or 14 twists for the 221 Fireball. What are your thoughts on which is the best caliber of the three and do you have a suggestion for length and twist? How about bullet weights? I'll shoot some whistlepigs with it, but it will be my primary fox/yote gun out to 200 yards. Thanks!!
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