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Default RE: Official Rules

JR, This is what I came up with on NC regs.

Shotguns must be no larger that 10 gauge. And, infact using buckshot is very legal. Rifle and Handgun regs are the same, with the exception that muzzleloading pistols are not allowed in NC. That said, since it is legal in your state it will be allowed.

When I compiled the rules for firearms what I did was check each states regs, then did a "general protocol" for the rules I posted. All please note that rules differ from state to state, and per county in some places. If your firearms season allows for different from what has been posted in the rules. Please do not hesitate to let us know and if it is legal for you, that will be allowable. But it must be verified first....thanks.

Thanks to DH56 for letting me know about the regs of buckshot use in NC for Whitetails.
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