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I've got one too. It's really not that bad. I bought mine with the standard barrel, and wood stock. After I stripped the crap that they put on for stain, it looks not too bad. I thinned out the fore-end, made it a little slimmer without the front checkering. Did the whole ebony fore-end tip. And used a special walnut coloured finish. Now I have to say it is very attractive, and shoots very well. My only problem has been as of late. On some shots, the extractor won't pull the case out of the chamber. I've used my knife to get them out, and they look fine. My next option is to try and use different ammo, or maybe even be sure I put the ammo as far back in the clip as possible. I think the extractor's not grabbing as it goes in. But it should be an easy fix.
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