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Default Official Rules

1. Deer must taken legally and ethically as laws apply in the state your hunting including tags. This includes the antler specifications for each individual state.

2. Gun equipment only. Rifle calibers must be:
*A rifle using center-fire ammunition

*A rifle using .25 caliber or more rimfire ammunition

*A muzzleloading rifle with/without a scope as legal per your state of .38 caliber or more.

*A muzzleloading pistol of .38 caliber or more.

*A handgun using a straight walled case of .357magnum cartridge or larger, or a bottle-necked case of .24 caliber or larger. You must have validation of a handgun hunting license as required per state.

*A shotgun loaded with solid ball ammunition or solid slugs.
Absolutely no buckshot can be used...

You must have validation of your states rules and regs if differing from the above.
No Bows unless already a designated bow hunter for a gun team. No Crossbows.

3. Antlered deer only including antlered doe, if it's tagged with a buck tag, it's in.

4. Will be using the Boone & Crockett Gross scoring system and Pope & Young Gross scoring system (Designated bow hunters only for the gun contest), green scores w/ no deductions. Typical or Non-Typical bucks...
Link to Boone & Crockett scoring system and instructions:

5. No more than 10 persons per team, drawn randomly....alternate's when necessary starting with first come first serve....I'll oversee it. Team members have until Sept. 30th @ 12 midnight to check in or you will be replaced by alternate.

6. Deadline to join is complete, you may join the alternate list, see rule 5.

7. You must have a pictured posted on the contest page within the Official Score Card thread to enter a deer. The buck must have a tag visable(if tags apply to your state), the bow must be in the picture and the entire deer must be in the picture, no skull pictures, no rack pictures...the buck, the gun/bow( already designated bow hunters only participating), and yourself must be in the me skeptical.

8. Total number of inches of all team member's animal will decide the winner....see rule 4.

9. You must enter the first gun kill antlered deer you get.....second buck for you lucky states will not count.

10. No penned shot deer accepted, deer must be a free range wild animal regardless private or public land. No deer shot more than two times will be accepted either.

11. All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on by a majority vote from a panel consisting of Team Capt's and moderators participating within the contest. Those decisions will be final.

12. Any and All offensive, derogatory and/or argumentative posts will be removed by either Admin/ Moderators that are watching this particular sub-forum.

(If anyone has a suggestion or something you feel I may have missed and/or should perhaps be added please post it here for the time being.)

Good Luck Guys and Gal's! Be Safe, Make One Shot Count and Know Your Backstop.
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