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Default RE: Wife having problems grouping with new bow

Thanks for all the good advise!

We did a lot of working with the bisquit and the finger release. It looks like things are going better for her.

As to the loose nocks, we fixed that with a short piece of plumbers thread tape (the white stretchy stuff) until I got some new ones. For those in need of a quick fix, it works quite well. The new nocks helped some of the verticle issues with shot placement.

However, we were still seeing lots of side to side variation. Looking further it appeared that there was something messed up with the bows cable guard. We were still hearing what we thought was cable slap, but instead the idiot at the grand opening of the local gander mtn who assembled the bow had the cable slide and the cables on the wrong side of the cable guide. So instead of the cables sliding smoothly through the slide, there were rubbing on the cable guard. [:@] Why is it they hire chumps off the street for grand openings of stores?!?!?!

So back to Gander Mtn we headed with the loose nocks and the messed up bow and talked to their shop manager. Very nice guy, very polite, very sorry. I told him I was really torqued about this since the cables on that side of the guard are very close to pulling the cables and string right off the cams of the bow! That's just flat out dangerous!!!

So he fixed that for us, replaced all the nocks for free and then set about tuning the bow with my wife for close to an hour! Total cost for his time $0.00. At least they made it right in my mind. I also needed some new arrows as the ones I was shooting had too little spine. In talking with him I got some Whitetail Hunter arrows (Gander Mtn exclusive made by Carbon Express). Haven't shot them yet, but I'm looking forward to that tonight!

Anyway, in the end, she is now shooting 8 - 10" groupings at 15 yards and seems to be feeling much better about everything. So am I!
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