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Default RE: Wife having problems grouping with new bow

Thanks for all the advice! It is most appreciated.

I took a look at her arrows very closely. She has a whisker bisquit on there now and I successfully shot for years with one using fingers. Just 'cause it worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for her though! As far as fletching clerance goes, it should be a non-issue. However, this is a B2 bisquit so perhaps one of the fletchings is coming in contact with the darker whiskers? Turns out some of her nocks are loose! They just spin freely in the arrow. This is occuring on the PSE carbon arrows. Does anyone have any ideas besides glue them in place? I like the ability to replace them when needed, but if they won't stay put, I guess glue is the only way.

Anyway, we'll see tomorrow if that clears up some of the problem (for now, I'll just have her shoot the non-moving nocks).

Thanks again!
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