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Default Wife having problems grouping with new bow

Having really enjoyed shooting lately, and looking to join a low-key league this winter, my wife decided it was time to get into shooting too! All too happy to gain a shooting partner, I set out for the closest bow store to look at bows. With a very small frame, she really wanted something that was easy for her to pull. Not knowing if she'd like it or not, we decided on an inexpensive bow to get her started. We ended up with a PSE Deer Hunter 24 inch draw with a 30 - 40 lb weight. It fit her well and was well within budget even after adding a wisker biscuit and carbon arrows.

Now for the problem. My wife has some limited archery experience with recurve bows and was usually able to keep a 12 inch or so grouping at 20 yards. For as little as she shot, this seemed good to me. She has joint problems, and has had a hard time finding releases which don't pull on her wrist, so she perfers to shoot fingers. With the new bow, she seems to get a lot of cable slap (though this has gone down with practice and improved form). However, her groups are all over! I mean, really really bad. Her anchor point seems very consistant and I am starting to be baffled. I'm actualy getting more worried since she is getting frustrated and I really don't want her to give up. What seems so weird is that it's like every third arrow is way low and to the right. (She shoots right handed).

Things i've tried:
1. Number the arrows to check for a bad one or two. (No consistant problems)
2. Took movies of her release with my dig. camera and watched. No obvious problems.
3. Had her shoot without the sights (instinctual). Actually got better goups, but still had the fliers.
4. I shot the bow at 10 yards and got a 4 inch group (probably could have made america's funniest videos in the process. The phrase "FAT MAN WITH A LITTLE BOW" come to mind).

While I realize that this isn't a high end bow, I thought 6 inch groups at 20 yards should be obtainable...

Any advice would be very helpful! For those of you married, it is much nicer to have a spouse who shares your hobbies!!!

Thanks in advance! This forum is a wealth of knowledge.
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