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Default RE: Team 6, Lets check in

Hey fellow hunters, looks like a few of us are checking in. Josh says we need a captain and I spose team name? I'm not online as much as I'd like, so I'll withdraw my name from captain so as not to miss anything important regarding contest if you folks are OK with that. Name wise, open to most anything if we need one. Maybe share alittle about yourself and years hunting/experience to acquaint ourselves before we put a whooping on the other teams. Myself, real name is Steve from northern Minnesota. In my 40's and currently a truant officer for our school district. Have hunted/fished,etc for most of my life. Spent from 1986 - 1999 guiding for several hunting/fishing lodges in Alaska. I still guide flyfishermen for pike/muskie here in summers, and also have a few clients that I take bear and deer hunting during bowseason. My hunting philosophy has switched from being strictly a trophy hunter, to now just enjoying the sport and filling the freezer. We're allowed 5 deer this year in my area, so I'm sure I can add a nice score to our tally if need be. Best of luck to us. Steve
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