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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: Bear TRX hard to adjust draw weight

Chances are there is some kind of a locking mechinism for the limb bolts on this bow. I am not familiar with this brand of bow, so I'm not sure. My darton had set screws on the inside of the riser under the limb bolts. This keeps them from vibriting loose I guess. My Bowtech has some bolts on the side of limbs that lock down the limb pockets after you adjus the limbs. Maybe your bow has something simular and that's why the limbs bolts don't turn.

Are you saying you had it at a shop and they couldn't get the bolts to turn either? That sounds a bit odd to me. Look the bow over well form some sort of locking mechinism on it. Either next to the limbs, or the opposite end of the limb bolts.

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