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Default RE: Light vs Average weight hunting rifles

I have a bias towards carrying a longer, heavier piece. Out of all the stuff I hump into the bush, a 7-9 pound rifle is not that much. For an experienced shooter that understands recoil & deals with it, it is not such a big issue. But for the average office pogue who dreams about light rifles and 500 yard shots with a 300 Win Mag..., well, that is the kind of guy that may be selling his rifle the next season. Sorry, I don't believe in short barrels for high velocity rounds, squirrel rifles for standing armies, and tinker toys for heavy calibers. Flinch city.

I think production rifles are too light and short for the 30 06, especially, although I see more 24 and 26" barrels today than years past. To me, that was a magnum that just wasn't belted. My view.

My packs going in were 100 pounds easy. Get a good sling! Take 5 when you need.
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