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Default RE: Light vs Average weight hunting rifles

I suppose one day I'll run into someone in the woods, carrying a 3 pound rifle and wearing jogging shoes and a hunter orange jock strap and that is it --- all trimmed down for weight, but IMHO, there are trade offs.

Currently use a M70 Supergrade in 375HH for elk, 4 to 8 miles a day in gentle 1000' vertical gain/loss country at 8500 to 9500 ASL. It weighs 11.75 scoped and loaded and along with a 25 pound day pack it is plenty to carry. I love it though --- feels very steady in my hands in those few seconds that it really really counts.

If I'm going higher or farther or harder OR if I start acting my age, then I have a Sako in 338WinMag with synthetic stock that weighs 7.0 pounds scoped and loaded. However, it is a waspy little thing to handle at the range, okay in the field though; very light, but almost too light for steady sighting purposes, in my opine.

I like a heavier rifles for as long as I got the horsepower to carry them. Just "feel" better to me when it comes "show time".

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