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Default RE: Different poo consistency, a myth?

Are you talking about turds that are big and fat and it is like alot of smaller "pellets" formed into a big turd? Yes, this is the telltale sign of a 12 point PY buck. No doubt about it......I'm positutely absotively certain.

Big animals generally have big droppings compared to younger animals.
The little tiny perfectly round droppings you see are usually made by this years fawns. The larger, slightly oval shaped pellets are usually made by the 1.5 and 2.5 year olds. When you see a huge pile of crap, its probably safe to say your looking at a mature deer's dookie. As their digestive systems mature they put out larger stuff. Can you tell the sex? Not in my opinion. Maybe does and bucks have a different taste to their crap. Check it out and let us know the results
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