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I will be attending some of his meetings this year.He has one in a high school not far from me.I attended a couple mettings last year and I hate to say it but he does stick to what he thinks is right sometimes, unless every hunter protests.One butcher in my area representing between himself and another butcher about 75% of the deer butchered in this area.He ask Alt at that time to have doe season for a week before buck season and end on sat so they could at least have that sunday before buck to get caught up.In stead he made it worst by having a 2wk doe and buck season at one time.
So alot of his meetings I have found out is more for him going to the public to make it look like he took everyones opinion into account before he did what he already proposed.The last one I went to the majority of hands were against the doe and buck season.In the sunday paper that week the PGC had an article that said at the meeting the majority of hunters who attended were for Alt.I am not one who just listens to anyone I wiil see for myself and try to get it from the horses mouth in a decent way.I do not beieve in name calling as I have seen here sometimes but address him as Alt. Gary Alt or Dr. Gary Alt.I also think that everyone should attend at least one meeting this year
and here for yourself what goes on.Everyone should have a voice and someones idea may not help a certain hunting area even if he holds a degree.
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