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Default RE: Tree stand procedure?

I use a loggy so there is only one piece to the climber. My first advice is height. Where I hunt a lot of deer will always be around. They do look up to a point. I have to be up 30' to ensure a shoot at something big without a smaller one busting me. As far a standing vs. sitting. I stand from just before legal shooting hours until I finally need a break. Usually around hour or so. Then I'll sit and rest. If I see a deer, I will always be standing. I also make sure I stand the last hour of my hunt.

One time I was on an evening hunt and a 4 point came down by me approaching from the front. I watched him from 200 yrds to right in front 5 yrds. The whole time I was sitting still. Then from behind me we both seem to hear the noise at the same time. The sound and the 4 points reaction told me it was big. Sure enough it was the biggest deer I've ever seen. He was a huge twelve point with big mass and I was out of position. I manged to get up and turned around to shoot him but he only gave me a second. I didn't have time to get a shot off. I only could watch him walk away. From that point on I will always stand when I see deer.
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