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Default How do I figure K.E.

I don't know how fast my arrows are. I don't have acsess to a chronograph. I also don't have an arrow scale, so I'm not sure of the weight of my arrows. I shoot a reflex gamegetter with cam and a half. It has an IBO rating of 295. My draw length is 28 inches On my string I have a peep sight with tube, a set of bow jacks and a Loop. I have a Whisker biscuit arrow rest with the new B2 biscuit. My arrows are xx75 2315 with the tapered inserts, fletched with 3 four inch feathers. I also have the EZ crest wraps. I shoot 125 grain tips. I have been told I need at least 60 lbs of ke to shoot spit fires. What do you think?
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