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wow green head you must be shooting a low velocity bow if you are able to set your yardage like that, I have 3 pins on my sight a 20 yard a 30 yard and a 40 yard and all three pins are crammed as close together as possible. for example my 20 yard pin hits the same at 10 and 15 yards as it does at 20 even if i use my 20 yard pin at 30 yards it hits only about a 5 inches low but 40 yards is where there is a huge difference if i would use my 20 yard pin at 40 yards it hits about 2 feet low. But a 3 pin sight works perfectly for my shooting, the funny thing is while bowhunting and all the deer and turkey ive killed i've always used the 20 yard pin so technically I would only need one pin but the other 2 are for just incase.
Lol, no that was my old bow's set up. Just got a new bow that is shooting 315 FPS. I now am going to have a 20 30 40 50.
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