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Default RE: Shooting from: 15 ft treestand vs ground

My bow pretty much shoots dead on at 20 and 30 yards from a height of 13 to 16 ft. And it's not very fast. The difference may only be about an inch if anything. The higher you go or the farther the distance you shoot at it will effect it more. But from most average height stands with average speeds you really don't need to compensate much.

However the only way to truely know is to shoot your bow from a stand before you hunt with it. I can't believe how many people don't do this at least once, let alone practice this way, before going out and trying to kill a deer. Then they wonder why they miss.

Remember to bend at the waist and keep your form and anchor points solid. Another reason people's impacts shift from a tree stand is because they stand straight and aim the bow down, or have some other sort of form problem when in the stand. Rather than bend at the waist. I have a hard time shooting from a stand just because I am afraid of heights. I actually pull less poundage in a tree because of it.

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