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I can remember when my bow was the fastest thing out there - advertised AMO 197 FPS, and they figured that there just wasn't any way they could get the bows to shoot get faster!! I shot 62# in those days, but with the arrows I shot I probably was getting around 180. The arrows went thru the deer and stuck in the ground. Once you've gone thru the deer the extra speed just means you have to search a larger area to find your arrow, or it is stuck deeper in the ground. (They can only be so dead).[img] I'm with the "quieter is better" crowd these days, and at 77 years of age I'm down to 47# shooting about a 430 gr arrow w/100 gr. pts. I haven't chronographed it lately, but while I was shooting 51# I was getting around 236 FPS, which I figured was good enough. I do limit my shots to under 30 yds and they have to be facing just right. Also, I hunt from the ground more than I used to, and find it is a "little" harder to get close shots. As mentioned before, shot placement is the key.
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