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Default RE: Take-down recurve help...anybody?

"I just rec'd the take down recurve that I bought for my husband at an auction at the Benefit4Kids shoot. B4K"

Congratulations! Great program. Who makes the bow?

"As we were putting it together I realized that I know nothing about take downs. How tight do you crank down those limb bolts?"

The most common answer is "snug". Too lose and they will vibrate and too tight might damage the glass.

"Does it matter which limb goes on the top or bottom? There's no indication of which limb is the upper or lower as far as I can tell. "

They will only fit on the alignment pins one way.

"It came with a Great Northern quiver. Do the bolts go through the little brackets on the quiver? (that's what it looks like) "

Yes. If they are limb mounted. Some are riser mounted to threaded inserts in the side.
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