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When testing bows, I find sometimes find substantial difference on floor models, that don't exist after I set them up. Mathews bows tends to test nicely in shops, partly because they come set up with string suppressors and harmonic dampeners. Take a cheaper model, add string leeches, limb savers, a cable dampener and a stabilizer and often the differences will often be almost unnoticable. Some manufacturers ship bows with vibration adsorbing material and others expect you to add it.

When testing, it's also important to take your own arrow to all the shops and shoot the same arrow out of each bow. Some shop owners will play tricks to get their bows feeling better, like using very heavy arrows and lowering draw poundage. Comparing apples to apples can be a challenge when looking for a bow.

For me, it's more important to compare draw cycles, grip differences and how steady I can hold a particular bow. I like to also compare limb pocket fit amd cam lean. These will make a much greater difference in shooting, than noise or vibration, which I will reduce with aftermarket products. Putting $40 worth of Sims products is cheaper than paying for a bow that costs $200 more.
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