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Default RE: Ok, I took your advice and shot six bows.

You shot six bows and still managed to avoid all the better ones. Your list is like comparing a Caddy to a VW as far as features. When testing, especially when someone has to stop and set up bows, just the set up can make such a difference. Little things.. like one string having leeches or some type of string silencer or one bow having a short stabilizer while the others have none can really make a difference. A bow set at the top of it's range vs. one at the bottom of it's adjustments can make a big difference. The shop owner prefers you buy the Mmmmmmm.... because it has the HIGHEST markup of any bow in his shop. He also knows if he can convince you it's the best he eliminates price shopping as MMMMMMMMMmmmm gives their shop owners protected territories. You can't go to Bass Pro, Cabelas, Mom and Pop around the corner and make it a bidding war. His markup is intact.
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