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Default RE: Ok, I took your advice and shot six bows.

Well you at least give them all a fair shot and your decision has to make you happy with your selection on your new bow .some brand's suit the each individual differently than others,and these are why everyone find's different opinion's on each and every bow on the market today. I personally wouldn't let 200 dollars make my opinion even though it is a substantial amount of money ,in order to be presise in your choice and to get the exact bow that suit's you the best of all the bow's you tried you need to forget the price. If you had a budget in mind then you need to only try bow's in the price range that you intend to spend,because you didn't do this you have made your choice that much more difficult .The Outback and the Liberty are definetly in a league of thier own and are going to have a price of thier own as well . Anyway's good luck in your choice even though it's gonna be a tough one .But if you like the Outback the best, then if I were you I'd buy it. You'll kick yourself later knowing that you liked that bow the best and you'll alway's be wanting it. So buy it now and you won't be buying it next season because your not happy with this season's choice.
This is just my opinion good luck!

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