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Default Crow and owl calls

Guys, I have turkey hunted for 2 years. I used too about 15 years ago and only got one fall hen. Never had much luck. No body to teach me except outdoor channel and mags. This year, on friday, I had 3 different set of gobblers talk to me. I worked them in. First two had hens with him, and went back into the woods. But then finally last set came right into decoys. My first turkey was a 21lb 11" beard and 30mm spurs. So I am hooked.

Best hunting in 12 years. Beats all the deer, and moose I have killed.

But a few questions on calls. How do you properly use crow calls? Can they be used at night or early morning when dark? Can owl calls be used in the day? Should you mix the use of the locator calls?