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10 yards is to close to sight in. parallax sets in you can tell how far you have to be from the target by looking though the scope up and down and side to side if the dot on the object dose not move you know your far enough away.that said a cheap bsa scope witch is a toy will not hold up to vibrations from the bow it will shake apart in no also eats batterys like there going out of style.if you want to do it right grt a aimpoint 10 year battery life one year if you leave it on all the time.great lens system it is parallax free no matter where you look threw it. i have played with mine enough to know you can only sight in one yardage regardless of the adjustable mount.. it is deadly accurate but at 1# it is heavy. i still use a peep and pins thou. its like buying a bsa scope or a ziess you get what you pay for. as for sighting them in it is a pain in the butt once sighted in they are deadly accurate you should have a buddy help you sight in. AND MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT RATTLE LOOSE.i hope this helps
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