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Default Guys and Gals, Please Read

If I need to start locking threads up in this room I will.

I really like to see everyone posting...but yall are gonna have to grow-up and act a little bit mature. Name-calling, pointing fingers, and all that crap, is just that...crap. And we don't need any of it on this board, and we really don't need any of it in the YoungHunter's room.

We (the mods) let topics other then just hunting topics be discussed in this room. We all hunt of course, but we're also all young...and the comradery we can get from this room, is something that you don't find other places on the net.

So we focus more on the Young part, then the hunting part. There are hunting threads, there are non-hunting threads. If you don't like the non-hunting ones, don't read them, and vice versa.

Thanks for reading, and please continue to keep posting, overall you guys/gals are a great bunch.
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