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Default RE: Which Fertilizer?

One of my plots I established last spring. It is BioLogic Clover Plus which consists of New Zealand Red and White clover and Chicory. The plot seems to be doing fine, but I wondered if I could increase the production by fertilizing. I didn't have a soil test done on this plot, but did add lime to the soil.

The other plot I plan on putting in this year (1.3 acres) I did have a soil test done. The pH is 5.2 and it recommended 3.5 tons of lime to bring it up to 6.2. The other recommendations are as follows:

30lbs of Nitrogen per acre
120lbs of Phosphate per acre
140lbs of Potash per acre
20lbs of Magnesium per acres

What does this translate in to for fertilizer (3-12-14, etc.)?
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