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Default RE: Which Fertilizer?

Yes, legumes like clovers can afix nitrogen in the root noduals from the air, but will first use the nitrogen in the soil. Legumes can only afix nitrogen if the correct ribizom(sp) bacteria is in the soil. This bacteria is usually applied with the seed as a inoculant. White clovers, red clovers, alfalfa, soybeans, birdsfoot trefoil each use a different innoculant.

If you did a soil test with recommendations for 2 ton clover yield, the recommend application of fertilizer might be 0 nitrogen, 30 phosphorus, and 100 lbs Potasium per acre. 10-10-10 will never get you anywhere close to what you need for legumes, which are heavy Potassium users. Unlike Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) are not water soluable and really need to be mixed into the soil.

Your best source is usually farmers feed mills, most will have a legume mix like a 4-12-43, or maybe a 10-20-26. Many mills have the ability to mix you a blend for a fee. Some also have Potassium as a 0-0-60. You may even be able to find what you need at garden centers. You really need to have a soil test done, and apply what you can find locally in ammounts that get close to the soil test recommendations.

Fertilizer spikes would be good for any tree as broadcasting on the surface would mostly go to feed grass and weeds. Conifers, white pines usually would not need a fertilizer, moderate ammounts would not hurt.
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