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Default RE: Gut hook knife blades?

I have always found the guthooks like the buck zipper posted ball up and really aren't a great benefit( maybe it is just our fat canadian whitetails). For deer I don't use a gut hook. I have used the Wyoming Knife and it works. I do have big gut hook as part of my Kershaw Blade Trader set and it works very nicley on Moose and Elk, it has a very sizeable gut hook will not ball up(I imagine it would be just fine for deer and other game as well). It actually doubles as a skinner blade so I have found it to be quite useful.

Otis you might want to look into the Kershaw Blade Trader, it comes with the guthook/skinner, drop blade, Saw, handle and case for around 100 bucks. You can also buy other blades for like a fillet knife, chef knife, etc. I have really become found of mine it has an excellent nonslip handle on it, blades sharpen and hold edge nicely...for the money it is a pretty decent setup.
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