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Default RE: Sako and Tikka mounts

The Tikka & Sako mounts are identical. I currently have 4 Tikka rifle's, three of them wear Tikka mounts, the fourth has Millet/Tikka mounts. I have never had to re-tighten the Tikka mounts, while the Millets require attention at least once a season. It's not due to recoil either, the 3 with Tikka mounts are a 300 win mag, 270, & 243 the Millet's are on a 22-250. The only reason I have the Millet's is the shop owner gave them to me n/c when the rifle showed up 2 month's latter than he promised. Go for the Sako/Tikka mounts, especially if you have a heavier recoiling gun.
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