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Default RE: turkeys in the rain

You guys are nuts ! just kidding. I carry in my vest the BuckWing Port-A-Roof. It is very compact and is like an Unbrellia with a side out. I can in no time at all place it on a tree and sit under it , or if I just need a blind setup in front of me just lay it down and sit behind me. Its a great piece of equipment.

I remember a hunt I was on with Ernie Callendrellie in Texas. He dropped me off on a sunny afternoon and headed for another area to hunt, well in a couple of hours the shy turned nasty and all of a suddon it started to get windy and the hell stones came down the size of Golf balls, well I needed cover and ran for trees , lol (Texas don't have trees ) here I am under a Masket tree looking up and there is no branches on them, man I'm getting pounded with balls of ice and these suckers hurt. So I took out to find a Rock (Texas has lots of rocks) I found a nice big flat one and put it over my head. This went on for about 20 minutes and then they stopped and it down right poured. We needless to say Ernie showed up with the truck as soon as the storm passed and the sun was coming back out. I'm soked to the bone, well he laughed and said man they have some nasty storms here. The birds don't work real good in these kind of storms never seen or heard a bird. Well we started to drive up the road a couple hundred yards where I left my Turkey vest on the side of the road , I said stop here Ernie, and he stopped. I jumped out and grabed my vest out of the ditch and put it in the back , then turned around and walked over and picked Up my Gobbler aswell that he did not see Well he could not believe it, I laughed and said Back atch ya Ernie . After this storm I got me a Port-a-roof...BT
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