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Default Deer Minerals

I was looking around at some mineral sites for di cal and saw some 250 lb tubs of minerals and vitamins for sheep/goats and others for cattle/horses. The difference btween the two is the amount of copper in the mix I think. They both have between 18 and 24 percent crude protein as well as dicalcium phosphate and some selenium and many other vitamins and nutrients. There is no animal by products of any type in the mixes. It seems to me that for 30.00, this would be the thing to put out as it is ready made and appears to have everything in it that a deer needs as far as vitamins and minerals to help it's growth of bones and antlers and milk production. I was just curious to which the deer is more similar, sheep/goats or cattle/horses. They do have a tub for deer/elk and the ingredients are the same except the protein and di cal quantities are lower for some reason. Anyone ever try this type stuff? The elk farmers seem to be fond of it but what about wild animals that don't get fed by man except food plots and such? What do you guys think?

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