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Default RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in

Hi m2fin,

I don't know enough about inexpensive spotting scopes to offer a considered opinion. I have been using a waterproof Redfield for the last 12 years or so and have not had any problems with it. (That new compact Leupold has caught my eye though.) Maybe some other members could give better advice on more current products.

And I normally loathe portable shooting benches. Nearly every one I have ever tried has been a "wobbling disappointment" to say the least. But recently I purchased the following bench:


.....and I was very impressed with it. (In all honesty I didn't try the front shooting support shown in the photo.....I unscrewed it and used sand bags under the forearm instead. I also bagged the rear of the rifle as well. (If I were to try the front rest they supplied I would not rest my barrel on it like pictured. I'd screw it so it was further to the rear so I could support my forearm...not the barrel....on it.) Surprisingly the bench itself was very stable. And the seating system was better than I have found on many "fixed" benches. I am so happy with this bench that I take it along to my gun club range and use it...instead of the built-ins. And if I remember right I paid either $79. or $89. for it at Gander Mountain. (I believe it was on sale for $79.) To say I was shocked at how well it worked.....would be an understatement.

Good luck with your search!

P.S. I know it doesn't look very stable in the photo.....my first impression too! But on any thing resembling level ground...it is wonderful! One of life's little surprises
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