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The newer 660's got the kinks out(vapor lock cv's failing)but they still have the cheap plastic supports and rev limiter kills ya in the mud.As far as the belt goes...most guys that go to belt drive love it.You still have your die hard brand loyal Honda guys that say belt this belt that,but christ they still have drum brakes and 3 wheel drive.The rubi had a good tranny but it was not servicebil(sp)then they came up with the rincon with no low end but hey at least they finally got IRS
I'm a Polaris guy myself..01 SP 500 HO,01 sp 90,97 magnum 425(speedo stoped working at 6000 miles) and a 95 scrambler 400.
I plow with the 500 and the 425.The polaris also has the new gliacer plow system(I just got)you just drive up to it and it hooks the plow up,also the plow raises 13 inches
If I were to think about another bike it would be the Prairie 650 or 700.It dosent have IRS(thats the only flaw IMO),but stright axeles are better for plowing anyway.
As far as ARTIC CATS go I dont know much about them except they are good well built soild bikes.Most guys I know that have them never have any problems
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