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that's a good story HLaV!!

i didn't fill any of my tags for the first time in forever!! i went out the last day (i finally found where they were hiding for 2 weeks) and kicked up a small herd right off the bat when it was still dark. i sat down there for a while thinking they may try to scoot around me. after about an hour nothing was moving so i figured that there was nobody moving around to move the deer. i walked around all day, stopping about every 100 yards and set for about 5 minutes at a time. did this till about 3 pm. then i went back to where i kicked them up earlier and waited till dark hoping they would return to bed down. they never did. didn't see one deer since early in the morning. but my wife got one the first day. a 6 point with an 18 inch spread. her first deer ever!! we were sitting against a tree (in open woods) where we could see the stream, the edge of the thickets, and the edge of the pines. i figured it would be a transitional spot where they would move from the thickets to the pines and stop for breakfast. well about 8:30 a deer runs from on top of the mountain (we were in a valley) to the edge of the stream and stops. he smelled the air and crossed the stream heading right for us. he stopped and was looking right at us ears raised. i told my wife to slowly raise her gun. i asked her if she had a good shot and she said yes. i told her that when she's ready to take a deap breath then squeeze the trigger ( i always stress the SQUEEZE part), she let one fly and the deer fell face first. in my excitement i said " alright honey you got em!!"


i said shoot him!! she swung the lever down and went to bring it back up and the g** d*** gun jammed!! i handed her my .270 and said shoot him. by this time he trotted downstream out of sight. she got a good shot on him and there was blood everywhere where she had shot him. in the area that we hunt, we can't just shoot them and give them time to die or else somebody else is going to harvest that deer for sure. we followed the blood trail, about 150 yards away he jumped up again.....and she couldn't get a good shot off. we did this again and again. he kept jumping up and she couldn't get him in the scope, it was just too thick. finally we cornerd him in an area of the stream where the banks were just too steep for him to make it up. she pulled up the gun and shot that thing straight through the heart and he dropped and died. big deer. the problem was is that the deer ran in the complete opposite direction of the truck and we had one heck of a drag. up over the bank and probably atleast a mile drag up over the mountain. it really sucked!! but when she got her picture in the local paper, she was happier than a bear in a dumpster!!! by the way, that first shot (from the front) she bearily missed the heart, it hit the lung and went out the side of his ribcage.
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