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Default Last day of PA Gun Hunt

Well saturday was the last day of the PA rifle season. I had already got my buck on the first day & was lookin for a doe for a friends freezer. We sat in our stands for maybe 4-5 hours. Then we drove around because it was COLD! We saw where drives were going on and who was where. Then we made a game plan. What a game plan it was.

I was gonna sit and watch a pipe line while my uncle pushed some pines. Well i hope in the woods to see the woods & the pipeline. I started coughing & didnt wanna waste my last Halls cough drop. But i did & stopped coughing. As soon as i did that a doe ran out into the pipeline coming from the opposite direction than the side my uncle was pushing. She stopped & let her babies run behind her. I picked up my .243 and let off a shot. MISSED! I was angry. ( I am not a good free hand shooter.) Another doe stood in the pipeline so her babies could run through and now the WHOLE pipeline is blocked by 2 nice sized does. I shot again! MISSED! They ran right at me. BOOM. MISSED! They ran in the woods & were GONE! I reloaded my 3 shots as i cursed myself for missing 3 shots. I looked up and before i could get all 3 shots reloaded and my bolt closed 2 more doe were in the pipe line running at me. I shot at one running towards me as she turned to run into the woods. I might have hit her in the leg as there was blood but no hair. I was angry but the other doe with her turned and ran up the pipeline. I got up. literally got up, and walked to a tree. The snow crunched with every step. She stopped & looked at me. I put my gun on the branch, put the crosshairs behind her shoulder and let off a shot. She WALKED into the woods. I was mad. I looked for the one that i hit in the leg....nothing. My uncle came and we looked where all the big ones were standing. And where i shot at the last doe. HAIR! ALL OVER!!! No blood but hair was all over. We looked and there she was!!! Sitting in the bottom of a creek bed. She walked into the woods and relized she was shot and then ran 3 hops. Then she fell and as she fell she slid down a hill into the creek. I filled both my buck and doe tag for the first time in 4 years! First buck, First doe both takin this year! Should have pics of my buck soon. Had to get film processed & have to get them scanned! What a weekend.

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