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BT, They call the camo "Sherwood forest". Doesn't look like any forest I ever saw but I've never been to England either. LOL It grows on ya though. It has a tan base to it like ASAT but more like the military desert pattern. It sure is a shooter though. It shoots much more forgiving then it's 7"brace ht. I've been shooting a Max2000 w/the old rapid cams and this model seem to be a little more accurate if possible. Like I said before I had it shooting 3-4"groups at 50 yds. within a couple hrs. No kidding and I still didn't fine tune it.

The Max3000's come threw with limb savers on it. The NV system is something I automaticlly put on all my bows. I think it takes most if not all hand shock out of most bows. I have it on a Darton Mav. I use for hunting w/2314's and it calmed that down. Besides they just look so cool.LOL Jerry
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