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It is very likely your photos are larger than 30KB. That is the maximum size this forum allows us to post. Yes you can use this other approach these guys mention or resize your Digital photo. It is likely that when you got your Digital cameroa you also got some sftware with it, or you wnet out and bought a photo editing package. If so, dig around and find the option called "Resizing". You photo is measured in Pixels or dots height and width, 1024 by 2056 or something now, BIG. When you resize pick the autoscale so you don't distort the picture and then drop Height lets say down to around 300 from whatever big number you had before. Save it with a new name and now you have a phot that uses much less memory. It also looks pretty poor if you try to enlarge it but for a 2X3" picture for us to see that big buck it will do find.

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