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Around my area, lime is about $10 to 15/ton spread. About half the price if you buy in bulk and spread it yourself which is a real pain. So there are regional differences. Talk to a farmer in your area if you know one. It does take lime a while to work and it will need to be replied eventually. Soil testing is the best suggestion to know how much and when.

Check out some of the threads on clovers on this site and other sites and you can get a wealth of info on what to do. Some of the info on planting dates and site preparation will be specific to an area. So be aware of this as you read what others suggest. use to have some good info on food plots.

I have had good luck with imperial clover. The best growth for me occurs in its 2nd to 4th year. You will have to control grass one way or the other and there are several ways in which to do so.

Good luck
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