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Russ otten
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Here's a few more things about that lime. Lime mixes best and fastest when it is fine ground, but its lasting effects can be shortened as the fine stuff can move down thru the soil easier. I've known farmers in northern IL. to spread lime with a coarser grind, even chunkier. When they did this, they would almost double the lime needed, as it would take much longer for it to combine with the soil. This way they can spread every 2-3 years without re-applying. Lime was very plentiful there which kept their cost down.
Impperial can make a good plot, as a white clover it can persist for 3-5 years depending on how much grass you can keep out of it. I planted Ladino White and Kenland red clover in my plots. Much cheaper at the local Coop. My ladino is still hanging in there but does have quite a bit of grass in it. The red was preferred more by the deer, as they consumed the whole plot. I will plant much more red this coming spring. (They walked through the White to get to the Red.)
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