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Default Bighorn Armory Model 98 .500 S&W Magnum

This past spring I aquired a Bighorn Armory lever action in .500 S&W magnum. The carbine holds 7 in the tube and one in the chamber. I got the one with fancy walnut, hunter black, peep site, 18 inch barrel. The lever action is smooth and you rack it like you are pissed. What is great it ejects the shells from the top not the side. For lefties you tilt the gun slightly to the left and rack it and for righties to the right. I have taken it to the range about a dozen times since the spring. I just love the peep sites at 100 yrds the groups are 3 inches. The recoil is ljust about the same as my 45/70 maybe a little less and I typically put 50 to 60 rounds through it in each range shoot. I load my own and shoot Berry's 350 grain leads along with 375 gr HCFNGC that I cast. I have shot both min and max loads with several different powders. I did chamber a 500 grain buffalo bore round yep, it will wake you up. I have shot a 6 inch metal target at 200 yards with excellant accuracy. Once I got it sited in I hit 20 out of 20 shots. The wood grain fancy walnut is really impressive. Not shure what the mat black finish is however, it is tough as nails. I banged it against a steel edge and it did not even make a mark on it. Maximum cartradge length is 2.15 by mfgr. and case trim length I use is 1.615. This fall will be the first season I will be using it for white tails.
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