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OK, guys. Thank you all for the advice. I appreciate it. I had something interesting happen with my friends. One of them really, really wanted to see how I hunt. So I bit the bullet, and took her to the spot I go out elk hunting. I knew I wouldn’t get an elk, but I would at least show her how we hunt.

While we were walking, I was showing her signs of elk. Scat, tracks, that stuff. All of a sudden, she said, “something‘s moving over there.” I pulled out my monocular, and confirmed it to be a coyote.

I wanted to give her a good experience seeing how Americans hunt. I told her, “plug your ears. I’m going to try and take it.“ I fired a shot with my Kentucky muzzleloader. 90 grains and a patched round ball.

I missed at 100 yards. I then explained to her that sometimes you see things, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you hit something, sometimes you miss.

Regardless, she had a really good time seeing how we hunt. She said herself that she really enjoyed it.

I also took her out target shooting with a muzzleloader that same day before the hunt. Believe it or not, she almost hit a tin can at 30 yards, not bad for the first time using a muzzleloader.

Anyway, that’s all. I want to thank you all for the advice you have given me.

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