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Default Interesting situation.

Hi everyone.

I have an interesting situation I would like some advice about.

I have two friends from Japan coming to stay with my family. I want to give them a fun American experience. I decided to do two things. The first one is for sure, I am going to take them along on my deer hunt on August 30th.

The second thing I need advice on is this. Simply put, I want to get them a muzzleloader kit they can build with me here in the US. I know they cant take it back with them because of Japans laws, so they would leave it with me. But I think its a fun activity for them to do.

I was thinking about this kit. I am aware it is a "novelty gun," as one user here said, but I thought it would be fun to build it with them.

What do you guys think? Should I try this? If not, Should I try something else to give them a fun American experience?

Any input will be appreciated,

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