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Default Out of the mouth of babes!

I have one grandson who really wants to hunt turkeys with me this yr. It's youth season this coming weekend in Wisconsin.
ive been scouting my heart out and at rhe same time trying to teach my young grandson.
He has smart phone. He is 2 hrs away. So ive been texting him of what i am seeing.
Well the other night after an evening scout i texted,
"I just put 20 turkeys to bed, 2 nice Toms there too!"

He was up in his bedroom. Once he read that trxt, he rushes downstairs and hollers, "Mom-mom guess what? Poppa just killed 20 turkeys! I can't wait! Man I want to do that!"
And my daughter starts laughing as she knows what I meant. She has turkey hunted with me in the past. So she explained to my grandson.
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