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Start with big game if you want to. That's usually a 2 person or group activity, not a new person learning the ropes. Do you own a pickup? Much easier to haul a bleeding big game animal in a truck than your family sedan. Keeps your wife happier also. Most people start with small game or birds because you can get by with a car for those. Google some youtube videos about field dressing and skinning an elk, buck or moose. When you see how much work it involves, you'll start to understand why that stuff is usually done by 2 or more people. Nobody on here is going to tell you that you gotta do it a certain way or start with a certain animal. They'll suggest it but step away if you insist on doing it a different way or starting with a different size animal. In the end, you're the guy that has to figure out how to make it work for you and your vehicle. Good luck.
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