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Thanks Olde NE Hunter! Busy day.

The match didnít go as desired, but it probably did go as deserved! I was ďconsistently mediocre.Ē

Iíve not been shooting nearly enough this summer, and much of my range time has been spent focusing on LR and ELR with 22LRís with my son - focusing on building HIS skills, opposed to sharpening my own.

So yesterday wasnít bad, but for a Finale match, there wasnít any forgiveness to be found for mediocrity, and I sank to the middle of the pack. I had one bad stage where I totally blew my wind reading and dropped six points on a 1094yrd target (16Ē circle) after hitting 4 for 4 on 600 and 800yrd targets at a different angle - straight up hold on the first two targets shifted to 2mils of hold at the long target, and I simply didnít see the misses to correct. The rest of my stages were largely just -2ís and -3ís; fighting weak positions or slapping my trigger like a pimp on Bourbon Street. On the couple of stages where everything clicked and I didnít actually miss any targets, I timed out with a round in the magazine (-1).

Perhaps most tragically, I also crushed my Monster Cookie from the lunch plate provided when I slid between shooting positions during one stage, after having forgotten I left it in my cargo pant pocket... still tasted fine, but I do have to manage a lot of crushed cookie crumbs today.

I did, however, luck into an early enough walk on the prize table to pick up 50% off on a new Defiance action, so Iíll be able to more affordably get my sonís match rifle up and running!
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