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Possibly worth mentioning, having competed in multiple other disciplines over the years, such as 3 gun, cowboy action, benchrest, F class, Highpower/CMP, and some action pistol, I will tell you, what is pictured here is far less gear than many of these other shooting sports.

I may be a bit of a minimalist when it comes to what I carry to PRS matches, but not terribly so. There ARE some folks which use huge packs or gun carts to transport tons of gear, but they’re rather rare. There are also a few super squads out there which will squad together and divide gear among multiple folks (and shoot the same rifle, cartridge, and optic so all of their data can be shared). But in general, something about the size of a conventional kids’ backpack is all we carry, plus rifle and tripod.

Alternatively, my gun carts I used for Cowboy action shooting and 3 Gun were behemoths of weaponry and gadgets, to the point of implying certain limitations for which vehicle could be taken to a match, and frankly, even with a full size, 4 door pickup, there was really only room for 2, MAYBE 3 shooters and gear carts!

So the volume of gear is relative. For a causal shooter flying bullets over the back 40, this might seem like a lot. But for an action gun competitor, this is really rather little gear, and relatively cheap!
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