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Thanks, I actually didnít pick the paint scheme on the stock, but Iím glad to have gotten it - I won it in a raffle, but I suppose I wouldnít have played so hard for a lesser looking stock. Weíve ordered a similar paint scheme for my sonís stock for his new 6 Dasher.

Admittedly, Iím blessed in luck, many times over. That stock, the binos, and tripod, were all won on limited entry raffles (gamable odds), and frankly, my Kahles I won in a drawing... my action was heavily discounted by buying at the NRA National Meeting a few years ago, and our state competition club gets barrels at 20% off... but still, thereís a lot of money in the top photo.

Comparatively, thereís about the same money pictured in the second photo as the total spent on ONE national level, 2 day match... relatively far less cost than the top photo.

A guy CAN shoot PRS matches with a Ruger Precision Rifle or Remington 700 Magpul and a Vortex Strike Eagle scope, but in the end, ammo costs eat the lionís share. My first match rifle was a Seekins Havak I bought for $1600 and a Bushnell DMR II optic I got on instructor discount for $900.... but shooting 4-6,000 rounds in a season, with 4 or 5 club level matches and 2-3 two days matches... thereís more than $4500 wrapped up just in ammo and match fees, let alone hotel, fuel, or food. Surprisingly, the rifle ends up the cheap part!
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