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Originally Posted by jackdaw View Post
I'm a newcomer to the forum, posting from Australia.
I am seeking advice/information for a novel I am writing.
The novel is set in 18th century America. There are lots of descriptions of hunters taking deer and butchering them. The descriptions are as accurate as research allows. However, one part of the book details a hunter lost on plains who kills a deer for food. It occurs to me that shooting a deer for immediate consumption is different from organized hunting whereby a deer carcass is strung and professionally butchered. If a person simply wants to eat for survival and not bother with the niceties of cutting and preserving etc how might he go about it? Would he, for example, simply slice off some 'outer' meat and cook it (over a campfire) or would he take the time to extract the loins, backstraps etc? Also, if he wished to preserve some of the meat for later consumption, could he simply salt it for a day or two?
Any advice gratefully received.
like survival for your life hunting ?

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