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Phil there is probably nothing wrong with your camera . I take it from the pic you did post your camera is a Stealth Cam. Those are notorious for eating regular alkaline batteries . You have to use energizer lithium AA batteries in those cams . Thats a well known fact on the trail cam sites . Most of the guys using those cameras use an external battery thats plugged into the round power port on the bottom of the camera , and the battery is put in an ammo box at the base of the tree .
Whats even worse is using even high quality Eneloop rechargeable batteries . They eat the power out of those for a snack . Its funny that I can get 1,500 15 second videos using those same rechargeable batteries on alot of my other cams. And I couldn't get 10 pics using them in the one and only Stealth Cam I had. I couldn't get 25-30 pics out of that cam using alkaline batteries . But energizer lithium batteries will work for quite a while in those cams.

Its been quite a few years since I had that Stealth Cam , I dont remember if there was a setting to select which battery you are powering the cam with. The other thing to look at is the battery compartment and make sure there isn't any corrosion on any of the connectors on the + side. Maybe scrape those connectors with a nail file .
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